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Survey of U.S. Catholics measures pandemic’s impact on faith

A recent survey is measuring the extent of the world pandemic’s impact on U.S. Catholic faith practice. Responses were marked by frustration over continuing church closures and an eagerness to return to Mass

Survey results

The survey was conducted by Catholics Come Home (CCH), an international evangelization apostolate. In May, the survey questioned more than 20,000 American Catholics from over 100 dioceses. Of these, 78.4% agreed that “access to the graces of the sacraments” was moderately or severely reduced

When asked to describe the limitations to attending Mass, 77.2% said they were moderately or severely limited. Online services, which were supposed to address these limits, appear to have fallen flat. Three-quarters of respondents said virtual Mass was notan adequatealternative in general. 

One of the most agreed upon responses came in the questions of the performances of bishops during the pandemic. As many as 76.9% of those surveyed said they would like to see bolder action from Catholic leadership, as well as an increase in clarity. This response changed significantly at the local level, where 68.6% said their pastors were taking “prudent measures” to maintain faith practice. 

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