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Surprised by Adoption: A Doubtful Dad Learns “God Works Out the Details”


Peter Murphy remembers the difficult discussions he had with his wife Katie about adoption — “energetic conversations,” he affectionately calls them now. Although he always believed adoption was good and important, when it came to adopting a child himself, he wasn’t so sure. For his wife, however, it was a different story.

“When Katie and I started dating, she talked about adoption, which I thought was a bit odd at first… Why wouldn’t you think about having your own kids, and then, if that doesn’t work out, consider adoption?” Peter says he recalls thinking to himself. “I thought it was nice thing, but that we’d probably get busy with our own kids and it wouldn’t come up.”

Peter and Katie, who live in Bowie, Maryland, went on to have three boys, but after medically complicated births, Katie’s life-long dream of adopting surfaced. After a great deal of research, and inspired by her work for an orphan-care center in China, Katie’s desire to adopt forced Peter to come to face-to-face with his fears about adding to their family through adoption.

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