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Sun Belt states gain, Rust Belt states lose congressional representation as the 2020 census shifts power

States in the Sun Belt and West are expected to gain seats in the House of Representatives after the 2020 census, while states in the Upper Midwest and Rust Belt are poised to lose congressional representation, according to long-awaited US Census Bureau apportionment data unveiled on Monday.

Federal law mandates that the House must consist of 435 seats, each of which represents the same number of people — just over 760,000 per district. So, when it’s time for the census every decade, states gain or lose congressional seats based on changes to their population and how much their population increased or declined compared to other states. 

This year, the post-census redistricting winner is Texas, which is set to gain two House seats in reapportionment.

Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Montana, and Oregon are all expected to gain one House seat each.

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