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The strategies of Satan, Part 1: The “Jezebel” tactic


First in a series on spiritual warfare: The satanic attack that exploits our fear, lust, wounds and lukewarmness

“But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel…” (Rev. 2:20) “Jezebel” is a name that is reviled throughout Scripture and Christian history. Parents would no more name their child “Jezebel” than they would name their child “Judas Iscariot.” We see her as an idolater queen in Israel in 1 Kings and 2 Kings, and we see her name denounced as a false and seducing prophetess in the Book of Revelation. What does she represent?

Beyond her historical identity in ancient Israel, Jezebel has come to be known as an “archetype,” that is, as a model or standard, of wickedness—specifically: seduction, manipulation, idolatry and murder. She represents a hatred of authentic prophecy and religious authority. As such, “Jezebel” is a human name for a satanic strategy—a strategy that depends on our fear, lust, weakness and lukewarmness to succeed. Studying that strategy, noting where, how and why it works, is the first step towards overcoming that evil design.

Saint Ignatius Loyola, calling Satan “the enemy of our human nature,” compares him to a general preparing to lay siege to a fortress. The general attacks on the weakest side. Likewise, Satan “…studies from all sides our theological, cardinal and moral virtues. Wherever he finds us weakest and most in need regarding our eternal salvation, there he attacks and tries to take us by storm.”

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