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The Stories of Our Lady of Czestochowa

I never wanted to be a mom. It was never in my goals or my plan for life.

And yet here I am, watching my three-year-old “mow”as I type away in the comfort of a camp chair in the shade of the garage. Right now this kid is the focus of most of my photos and social media efforts. He’s immensely quotable, hilarious, and spontaneous. It’s something that I can’t help but share (lest it drive me crazier than I already am).

But don’t get me wrong. Three is not my favorite age. And yet, just like I didn’t want to be a mom, maybe it is.

I feel the same sort of conflict when I learn about new titles of Mary. I usually maintain that Guadalupe is my favorite, but then I can’t help but mention Lourdes, and Fatima, and at least three others (in no particular order). Now I can add Czestochowa to the growing list.

Czestochowa is in Poland, and Mary’s had a home there since the icon, also known as the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, arrived in the monastery of Jasna Gora at least 600 years ago. The oldest documents hold that when St. Ladislaus stopped for the night near Jasna Gora, on his way to his own hometown, he had the image placed in a small church named for the Assumption. In the morning, after the portrait was loaded in the wagon, the horses refused to move.

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