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Stanford profs claim Robert Spencer is “harassing” students, staff and faculty by responding to attacks

The Stanford student press has for the past week been filled with numerous baseless and hysterical attacks on my work and on my character as a human being. In hit piece after hit piece in the Stanford Daily and the Stanford Review, it has been claimed that I promote “hate” and “disinformation,” and “give license” to the “oppression” of Jews, and that Muslims at Stanford are endangered by my work. It has been charged that I have incited a mass murderer and approve of restricting the right to vote. My work has been characterized, without any specific examples, of being not only inaccurate, but also inflammatory, offensive, hateful, and dishonest.

I responded to as many of those hit pieces as time permitted, and now at least nine professors are taking that as yet another Spencer atrocity. Apparently their view is that those at Stanford may defame me freely and repeatedly, but I am not allowed to answer.

These people are professors? Is this Stalinist Russia or Mao’s Cultural Revolution, in which the accused person is to be browbeaten with false charges and given no opportunity to defend himself? Have these Stanford profs written up a “confession” to “counterrevolutionary activities” that I am to sign before my execution?

It is astonishing that professors in a major university would be so reflexively opposed to the freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas, and find the rough-and-tumble of polemical discourse to be an outrageous affront. But given today’s academic environment nationwide, it is not surprising in the least. Much more below.

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