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Stanford Offers Commonsense Advice for Preventing Sexual Assault, and the Left Objects


Pointing out the role of alcohol is dismissed as ‘victim blaming.’

As students across the country return to their colleges and universities for the start of the academic year, incoming freshmen are being overloaded with orientation talks from administrators and residence staff during their first days on campus. There’s one topic, however, that these freshmen aren’t receiving advice about: the realities of sexual assault. Instead, they’re being subjected to a barrage of politically correct magical thinking and taught a series of flawed statistics, such as that one in five college women will be sexually assaulted before she graduates. Meanwhile, college administrators are shying away from — or are being bullied into ignoring — the underlying causes of the assaults that do take place.

Consider Stanford University, which has been under the microscope recently. First, a Stanford undergraduate, Brock Turner, was found guilty of three felonies, all related to the sexual assault of a 22-year-old woman from a nearby college. Now the university is receiving sharp criticism for explaining on its website the role that excessive alcohol intake often plays in sexual assault. The latter has been deemed to be “victim blaming.” Under pressure, the page was taken down. The updated version includes a profuse apology for the previous content.

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