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St. Rose of Lima and the Fragrant Love Born of Suffering

A Saint You Can Always Bank On

With St. Rose of Lima we find another astounding saint and loving hound of the Lord, and yet, at a superficial level, her life and her lessons may seem very odd, extreme, and strange to us today. Although known for her surpassing beauty and her childlike heart, she is perhaps known best for self-inflicted penitential suffering and self-mortification hardly surpassed in the life of any saint, and an earthly death at merely thirty-one years of age.

Are there lessons those of us, perhaps so much older, and so many centuries later, can learn from the gruesome crosses that she chose to bear? Does the life of Saint Rose of Lima have relevance today?

I say yes, you can bank on it.

Let’s look at a sketch of her life as we consider the most holy ways this beloved daughter of Saint Dominic lived the contemplative, apostolic, and charitable life as a thinker, doer, and lover for Christ.

Thinker: The Mystic Rose of Lima

Rose was not an academic and had little in the way of formal education, although she did learn to read. Among her favorite books were biographies of Saint Catherine of Siena and the spiritual guidebooks of another notable Dominican, Venerable Louis of Granada. In fact, his Book of Prayer and Meditation became Saint Rose’s favorite book, as prayer and meditation themselves were to become her favorite activities, forming the core and shaping the periphery of every aspect of her short life.

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