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St. Gianna, ‘Beautiful Witness of Hope,’ Offers Lessons Ahead of National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Jubilee 2025

Sometimes it’s hard to have hope.

Living hopefully can be difficult …

when there seems to be more good than evil in the world;

when sickness and death befall kind souls;

when waiting hurts our hearts;

when prayers seem to go unanswered; and

when others seem abundantly blessed and our own blessings seem scarce.

Even so, I cling to hope because Hope is a Person: Jesus Christ.

He shows up as only he does. We see him make a way as only he can. We know without a doubt that the resolution of an anxiety-producing or difficult or seemingly impossible situation was the work of the Fount of All Holiness. We recognize Our Lord’s unmistakable hallmark: peace.

Those moments of consolation see us through the difficult ones. They bolster our hope, just as Our Lady does.

I’ve been reflecting on all of this, not just because I wrote a book on hope, but because Pope Francis has dedicated the Jubilee 2025 to hope.

As the Pope reminds the faithful in his papal bull about the jubilee:

“Christian hope does not deceive or disappoint because it is grounded in the certainty that nothing and no one may ever separate us from God’s love.”


He underscores that Mother Mary is our hopeful guide:

“Hope finds its supreme witness in the Mother of God. In the Blessed Virgin, we see that hope is not naive optimism but a gift of grace amid the realities of life. … At the foot of the cross, she witnessed the passion and death of Jesus, her innocent son. Overwhelmed with grief, she nonetheless renewed her ‘fiat,’ never abandoning her hope and trust in God. … In the travail of that sorrow, offered in love, Mary became our Mother, the Mother of Hope. It is not by chance that popular piety continues to invoke the Blessed Virgin as Stella Maris, a title that bespeaks the sure hope that, amid the tempests of this life, the Mother of God comes to our aid, sustains us and encourages us to persevere in hope and trust.”

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