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St. Dominic Savio’s intercession credited with healthy birth after bad prenatal prognosis

The May issue of the Italian bimonthly magazine Miracoli e misteri (“Miracles and Mysteries”) includes the beautiful testimony of Antonella, a mother from the southern Italian town of Gioia Tauro, whose family story is closely intertwined with the recent arrival of the Salesians in the city of Calabria. 

Thanks to these priests, the Gioia parish of San Francesco da Paola has regained momentum and vitality through the spiritual and educational initiatives undertaken according to the teachings of St. John Bosco.

A first pregnancy ends in miscarriage

Antonella recounts that after five years of engagement she and her boyfriend moved to Milan, where he had found work. Shortly after, to the great joy of both, she discovered that she was pregnant.

Sadly, an ultrasound revealed that the fetus had multiple malformations. After a diagnostic amniocentesis, she lost the baby. 

A new pregnancy, entrusted to St. Dominic Savio

Six months later she became pregnant again, but she wasn’t feeling well. She returned to Gioia Tauro where, hearing such good things about the Salesian priests, she went to the parish to meet Fr. Pasquale Cristiani. 

She entrusted to him her great anxiety regarding this new pregnancy. He comforted her and blessed her, and gave her a scapular of St. Dominic Savio—Don Bosco’s favorite pupil, known as the “saint of cradles” and often invoked in cases of infertility—and a novena to the young saint. 

The scapular of St. Dominic Savio

This scapular is a devotion fashioned after the scapular that the young saint had put around his own mother’s neck when she became seriously ill during a pregnancy. Through the Virgin’s intercession, the pregnant woman was miraculously healed and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

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