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St. Augustine was my Gandalf – Conversion Story of Michael Goodwin


Since my childhood, I always loved C.S. Lewis’ stories about the adventures in Narnia. It was stories like the ones about Narnia that helped me realize that this was the way we usually come to understand the real and true things of life. As I began to wonder about who God is, I got introduced to characters such as Aslan, Mr. Tumnus, and Lucy. Through stories told creatively and beautifully, I came to not just know but also love the goodness and truth concerning God.

During my first eighteen years, I grew up in a family that taught me to love Jesus and His Word. I found Jesus to be like Aslan in the Narnia stories: someone who always surprised and captivated me. I was never bored hearing about Jesus. He not only saved me from my sins through His death and resurrection, but also desired to lead me, encourage me, and commune with me. My family also encouraged me to grow in Christian community at our Bible church in eastern Long Island. This became Narnia for me. I fondly remember the great love and service the community shared with each other and anyone who had need.

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