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St. Agnes: An Ancient Lesson for Today

St. Agnes lived between 291 A.D. – 304 A.D. and was the daughter of a wealthy family in Rome. The details we know about her are few, but what we do know can serve as the antidote to cure the troubling year we have traveled through and light our path to journey through the uncertain future which lies ahead. Her three defining traits were her beauty, her certainty of faith, and her unrelenting decision to consecrate her entire life to Christ. 

Agnes lived during a time when Christianity was still illegal in Rome. However, her faith was not determined by the masses which attempted to strip humanity from their true orientation. She was not deterred from forming an authentic prayer life at a young age and deciding that she desired to hand over her whole entire life to Christ. This young girl entrusted the totality of her life and future to Jesus by declaring she was to be a consecrated virgin who would live a life of prayer and service to the Lord.

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