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Special report: Why Catholics leave; why Catholics stay

Why do “former Catholics” make up 10% of America’s population?

Why do some children raised Catholic stop practicing the faith, while others continue going to Mass as adults? 

For parents who want to raise Catholic kids, there may be few questions more important.

And it turns out there are factors which can help predict whether children raised Catholic continue practicing the faith as adults, according to The Pillar Survey on Religious Attitudes and Practices, which we present this week in a series of reports.

Those factors include attending Catholic school and going to Mass weekly. But there are others as well. Just one example: our survey showed a high correlation between praying grace as a family, and going to Mass weekly in adulthood.

In part one of this series, The Pillar looked at America’s changing religious landscape. In part two, we look at what factors influence lifelong Catholic religious practice, why people say they leave the Church, and whether Catholics recently immigrated to the United States paint a different picture than other Catholics.

Some results surprised us.

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