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‘Somebody is killed every day’: Bishop pleads for Christians to remember Ukraine

A Ukrainian Catholic bishop has urged Christians not to forget their suffering brethren in that country. With global attention focused on the coronavirus outbreak, Bishop Stepan Sus said Christians in Ukraine are still enduring a years-long war with no end in sight.

“Very often Ukraine is presented to the world as a country which lives in corruption, but nobody is speaking about of our suffering, of our wounds,” said Bishop Sus, a curial bishop of the Ukranian Greek-Catholic Church’s Major Archeparchy of Kyiv-Halyč, on Wednesday to CNA.

“Somebody is killed every day” in the conflict, he said, and war has displaced more than two million people in east Ukraine.

“There are so many things that distract our attention,” Kent Hill, co-founder and senior fellow for Eurasia, Middle East, and Islam at the Religious Freedom Institute, told CNA on Wednesday in a joint interview with the bishop.

“And now with the Coronavirus, it’s very easy for the West, even committed Christians, to lose interest or knowledge about what’s going on there [in Ukraine]. And that’s very dangerous for the Christians there,” he said.

“Once it becomes obvious to the Russians that nobody’s paying attention, they have a freer hand.”

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