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Some want D.C.’s Lincoln statue gone. Others point out: Freed Black Americans paid for it.

Washington, D.C.’s congressional delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton, said Tuesday she will introduce legislation to remove a “problematic” statue of Abraham Lincoln from D.C.’s Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill.

Holmes Norton cited the statue’s “problematic depiction of the fight to achieve emancipation” as grounds for its removal. The statue shows Lincoln standing over a shackled slave holding the Emancipation Proclamation.

“Although formerly enslaved Americans paid for this statue to be built in 1876, the design and sculpting process was done without their input and it shows,” Holmes Norton said in a statement. “The statue fails to note in any way how enslaved African Americans pushed for their own emancipation.”

Holmes Norton claimed that the former slaves who funded the statue “were only recently liberated” and were “grateful for any recognition of their freedom.”

The delegate said the statue was on National Park Services (NPS) land, and she would first work to see if NPS could remove the statue without an act of Congress and move it to a museum.

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