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So Why Are They Drawing Muhammad?

Men carrying rifles attend "Freedom of Speech Rally Round II" across from Islamic Community Center in Phoenix

by Matthew Archbold via

An event is scheduled to take place outside of a mosque in Phoenix where a drawing of Muhammad will be exhibited. The event coordinators are encouraging those attending to come armed…just in case.

But I’ve got to wonder, what are they trying to prove? Is it that many Muslims are violently radical and will kill without pity? Well, considering when they held the event to draw Muhammad, two armed terrorists attempted to kill those involved but were taken out, I’m thinking we got the idea.

The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, where the event will take place, is where the two previously alive terrorists previously worshiped.

The coordinator of the event itself called the event “stupid and ridiculous,” but added, “it’s what needs to take place in order to expose the true colors of Islam.”

Well, let’s just call that box checked shall we? Mission accomplished. Are there really a lot of Americans who are a little hazy on where radical Muslims stand on the issue of violence? Seems to me we’ve been pretty certain about that for…uhm…about fourteen years. I mean, sheesh, don’t these people have YouTube? Just type in the word “beheading” O.K.?

I guess there’s a part of me that typically kinda’ gets a kick out of people poking other people in the eye but on the other hand, I understand the extreme wimpiness of the DC Metro system which voted to disallow any issue-oriented ads for a year to avoid having to put up ads by Pamela Geller who wanted to place ads showing cartoons of Mohammed in the capital’s transit system. I’m being honest, if I were living in D.C. there’s absolutely no way I’d ride that train. Not for the first few days anyway. Ok weeks. Maybe after that. But in the meantime I’d buy a Segway. And nobody looks cool on a Segway.

These folks holding the event have free speech rights and they’re blessed to live in a country which acknowledges that God-given right. But this is definitely poking the bear to show that bears act like bears. And while they have the right to poke the bear, it might not be smart. Because the bear might not just come after them.

I assume that at least some of those involved are Christians and I’m unsure that this is an effective way to promote Jesus’ love. Yes, it does highlight the violence of radical Islam, but that is not the same as highlighting God’s love. I hope and pray nothing violent goes down tonight. But if something does and an innocent is killed, will this have been worth it?

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