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‘Slaughter the Jews’: ISIS Goes on Incitement Blitz


While Israel is calling on the Palestinian Authority to curb incitement, ISIS is contributing to the problem by enlisting its slick PR machine to encourage violence against the Jewish State.

Several videos were released posted online Sunday with the promo line “Slaughter the Jews.”

The videos feature footage of attacks that happened just a matter of days ago, including street surveillance footage of a Palestinian terrorist ramming a crowd at a bus stop then hacking the wounded with a meat cleaver. A 60-year-old rabbi was killed.

One of the videos is labeled Halab, the ancient name for Aleppo, Syria — perhaps a nod to the fact that a thriving Jewish community once lived there, only to be attacked by Arab mobs in 1947. Bashar al-Assad eventually squeezed out the remaining Jews.

ISIS has been advancing on Aleppo as Russian strikes in support of Assad have hit Free Syrian Army targets there.

The videos show photos of Khaled Meshad, Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas — figures of a movement ISIS has criticized for not attacking the Jewish State with more ferocity.

One video encourages and shows the placing of car bombs, interspersed with news footage claiming that Israelis are shooting innocent Palestinians.

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