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Sir David Amess: Priest tried to give last rites to dying MP

A Catholic priest has told how he tried to administer last rites to his friend Sir David Amess.

Fr Jeffrey Woolnough said he rushed to Belfairs Methodist Church on Friday when he heard the MP – a devout Catholic – had been stabbed.

He said he asked a police officer if he could deliver the sacrament but was unable to enter as it was crime scene.

He added he respected the police’s decision and an officer had asked colleagues if he could go inside.

Instead, he prayed the rosary outside the police cordon with a fellow parishioner.

Fr Woolnough is the parish priest at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Eastwood, Southend, close to where Sir David was killed.

“A Catholic when they’re dying would want a priest there, and for reasons that only the police know, I was not allowed in,” he told the PA news agency.

“I got my clerics on, and got the holy oils, sort of expecting that I might be allowed on the crime scene to administer the oil of the sick,” he said.

“I didn’t know at that time what kind of condition he was in,” Fr Woolnough said. “It was a just-in-case matter.”

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