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‘Signers’ distance themselves from USCCB agenda letter

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati did not give permission for his name to be added to a letter that urged a discussion of “Eucharistic coherence” be dropped from the USCCB’s June agenda, a spokesman for the archbishop has told The Pillar

Schnurr, listed among the letter’s signers anyway, is one of four bishops to distance himself from the May 13 letter since it became public.

The letter was sent to USCCB president Archbishop Jose Gomez by email, and listed 68 diocesan and auxiliary bishops as signatories. 

The May 13 letter urged that “all Conference wide discussion and committee work on the topic of Eucharistic worthiness and other issues raised by the Holy See be postponed” until the next in-person meeting of the USCCB, currently scheduled for November. 

Mike Schafer, communications director in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, told The Pillar Tuesday that Archbishop Schnurr was approached this spring about a letter being organized to be sent to Gomez.

“While the archbishop did not say ‘no’ to signing such a letter,” Schafer said, “he did say that he would need to see a copy of the text before he could agree to add his name. And he never received a copy of the letter.”

Schnurr was nevertheless listed among the letter’s signatories when it was sent to Gomez May 13.

Several sources close to Archbishop Schnurr separately told The Pillar that the archbishop was “surprised” to discover his name had been added as a signatory without his permission, and that he has expressed frustration about the discovery.

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