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Shutting down Jason Evert may have backfired on Ireland’s progressives

Plans for popular US chastity speaker Jason Evert to tour multiple schools and venues in Ireland this week faced online uproar and scaremongering that ended in his entire tour being cancelled. Jason was scheduled to speak at multiple schools in the Dublin area, a retreat in University College Dublin, and a number of venues in Waterford.

Two Catholic private schools, Blackrock College and Rosemont, and the Tower Hotel in Waterford were the first to cancel Jason’s talks as the result of a deeply misleading online article.

Citing his opposition to contraception and same-sex marriage, the Irish media made it appear that Jason had some wildly horrible, foreign concepts to indoctrinate the youth of Ireland with. However, Jason planned to visit Catholic groups to deliver a Catholic message that focused on saving sex for marriage, respecting the bodies of others, and how to have healthy relationships. So, why were individuals Hell-bent on forcing Jason out of his scheduled, private, non-compulsory, and in some cases ticketed talks? My conclusion is intolerance.

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