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Sheltering in place: Time to discover the liturgy of domestic church life

Young ethnic family of four praying while sitting on couch

The global pandemic is forcing families to focus on their relationships like never before. Whatever else God might be doingat this time, it seems clear that he is calling us to discover the power and importance of the domestic church. With Masses suspended and churches closed, we simply don’t have access to the spiritual resources we normally rely on. We are, quite literally, stuck at home with little choice but to figure out how to encounter God as we shelter in place.

Despite the very real limitations we’re all laboring under, God has not abandoned us. His Holy Spirit is still moving powerfully in the world and we believe that it is time to learn how to encounter God more meaningfully in what we like to call “the liturgy of domestic church life.”

Developed as a result of the Catholic Family Life Symposium held last July at the University of Notre Dame, the liturgy of domestic church life is a model of family spirituality that helps families experience God more meaningfully in their everyday circumstances, and to experience the faith as the source of the warmth in our homes. The following is a kind of FAQ for celebrating the liturgy of domestic church life in your home. I hope it will help you have a more meaningful encounter with Christ in your everyday life with your loved ones.

What is the liturgy of domestic church life?

Liturgy is a word that refers to the work God does through his Church to heal the damage that sin does to our relationship with him and one another. The Liturgy of the Eucharist is the “summit and source” of that healing, uniting us with God and giving us the grace to create communion with others. The liturgy of domestic church life is the primary way lay people exercise our common priesthood, consecrating the world to Christ by literally bringing Jesus home with us and letting him transform our common families into dynamic domestic churches!

Why do you say that Christian family life is a liturgy?

Great question! We have a larger presentation (available on request) that explains the basis of the liturgy of domestic church life in Church teaching and the Catholic theology of family. That said, check out this link for a brief explanation of the five reasons family life is a liturgy.

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