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She found a baby buried alive. They reunited 20 years later

“Thank you for coming into my life; you’ve changed my life. The day I found you, my faith grew stronger. God sent us here for a purpose,” Azita bursts into tears at the sight of the man.

It was May 1998. Azita Milanian turned down a friend who invited her for a salsa class. She did not know why, but that evening she wanted to go for a jog with her Labradors in the nearby mountains. In addition, she had parked her car one block closer than she had in the past 8 years. And she was wearing a T-shirt about helping orphans. All of this continues to assure her that there are no coincidences in life.

Two little feet and a sob

For many years Milanian had been praying that God would tell her what she could do for abandoned children, whose lives had always moved her. She was involved in charity work, raising money for children’s homes, but felt she could do more. Today she says: “Be careful what you pray for, because God really answers our prayers.”

That evening in the mountains something caught her dogs’ attention. Distracted, they stopped in the bushes and didn’t react to her calling them. Milanian locked them in the car and returned to that spot. Suddenly she saw two small feet sticking out of the ground and heard barely audible cries.

It was a baby boy who had been born just hours before. He was wrapped in a blue towel, laid in a hollow in the ground and covered with dirt. An umbilical cord was still attached to his belly. Milanian immediately cleared his mouth and nose and called 991, though she got disconnected a few times. She rushed to the road and stopped a passing car. She asked the driver to notify the paramedics.

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