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Sex, Lies, and The Catholic Church


The Church’s teachings on sexuality and family planning continues to be both poorly understood and poorly regarded. Almost 50 years after Humanae Vitae reasserted the Church’s advocacy for healthy and moral means of family planning over artificial contraception, a Pew Research Poll found that 76% of Catholics still believe the Church should permit the use of artificial birth control.

The UK-Based Wijngaards Institute recently leapt upon this ongoing confusion to issue a new appeal, sponsored by three prominent UN organizations, for the Vatican to accept popular attitudes on birth control.

Although dissident organizations like the Wijngaards Institute assert that the Church’s position on sexuality is the result of antiquated, patriarchal, theological navel-gazing, there is a growing body medical, social and environmental science–all but completely ignored by the Church’s critics–that strongly supports the Church’s thinking on these matters.

In a recent issue of the journal, Evolutionary Psychology, Dr. Lisa Welling of Oakland University, surveyed almost 180 studies pointing to the negative physical, emotional, and relational consequences of hormonal contraceptives (HC’s)Her comprehensive review reveals many surprising facts.

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