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What To See While Visiting Niagara Falls

If you are going to visit Niagara Falls, there’s one more stop every Catholic-traveller must make: The New York Power Authority on Route 104 between Niagara Falls and Lewiston, NY. It’s right between the Lower Niagara River and the Vincentian Niagara University.

You must see this because, by all standards of current political correctness, it should NOT be there. In an age where America is becoming quickly de-Christianized while ISIS runs roughshod over great patches of the Middle East, there is—still—an massive Judeo-Christian outdoor monument to peace on public, state-owned property at what was at the time the world’s largest power-plant: The Robert Moses Power Dam at Niagara aka “The Power Vista.” And inside that same Power Dam? A huge mural of Father Hennipen, OFM, Cross in hand, “discovering” and blessing Niagara Falls, painted by American legendary artist Thomas Hart Benton.

The outdoor Psalm Eight is carved in a truly colossal bulk of white stone and placed near the entrance to The Power Vista aka The New York Power Authority nee The Robert Moses Power Authority, which is right across the street from Niagara University and overlooks the stunning Lower Niagara River. In an even more remarkable turn, at the end of the Psalm is carved “donated to the Greater Glory of God by the churches and synagogues of Niagara Falls.” (Emphases added.) This was in 1963, before the Second Vatican Council officially ok’d ecumenism and interreligious dialogue.

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