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Secularism as Religious Indoctrination


Australia has a program in its schools that, at first glance, you’d have to be crazy to be against. It’s called Safe Schools, and it is an anti-bullying campaign.

Well, at least that’s how it has been promoted.

In reality, Safe Schools has become a pro-LGBTQI indoctrination system designed by one academic Marxist with hopes of replacing the Australian flag with a red one, and another who has, in academic theory, supported pedophilia. The program consists of: allowing students to wear whatever uniforms that they want; encouraging schools toallow bathroom use by any gender; promoting homosexual and transgender role-play in the classroom with students as young as eleven, and points children to this website, which endorses chest-binding, penis tucking, and (at one point) contained links to a website called the “tool shed,” an online shop for the purchasing of sex-toys.

I kid you not.

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