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SCOTUS’s Choice: Preserve Constitutional Liberties or Detonate the Culture War

In a pair of critical First Amendment cases, the Court will soon decide whether the state can trample on citizens’ free-speech and conscience rights.

Today, we must pause and consider an important constitutional moment.

Earlier this morning the Supreme Court granted review in a case called National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Xavier Becerra. The issue is simple: Can the state of California require a pro-life crisis-pregnancy center to advertise the availability of free or reduced-cost abortions?

For those who are unfamiliar with the pro-life movement, the grassroots, front-line effort to defend the unborn often starts with a small house or a storefront, typically in a distressed neighborhood — the same kind of neighborhood where abortion clinics so often cluster. In that house or storefront you’ll find a small staff of mainly volunteers, people who help administer pregnancy tests, doctors who can perform ultrasounds, and counselors who work with frightened and panicked women to help explain the alternatives to abortion.

The goal is to help mother and baby, to hold her hand and walk with her through the pregnancy, connecting her with the right resources and institutions if she chooses to keep and raise her child or connecting her with the right agencies if she chooses to give it up for adoption. Though not all crisis-pregnancy-center staff and volunteers are people of faith, most are deeply religious Catholics and Evangelicals. Defending the unborn and supporting young mothers is a core part of their life’s work.

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