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Say Hello To Twitter’s Tweet Police


Twitter yesterday announced it is forming a “Trust and Safety Council,” an effort to “ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter.” The council features “safety advocates, academics, and researchers,” “grassroots advocacy organizations” and “community groups,” all of them emphasizing “safety” of varying degrees and types, in order to allow “everyone, everywhere to express themselves with confidence on Twitter.”

This is a rather startling development, chiefly because Twitter alreadyallows its users to either mute or block anyone who is being bothersome or threatening. There is no practical necessity for a “council” to make people feel “safe” on Twitter. Blocking is an effective tool for anyone who needs it. You can always report to the Twitter staff the rare troll who just won’t give up.

The seemingly superfluous formation of a “Trust and Safety Council,” then, suggests a kind of procedural overhaul of Twitter’s internal speech policy—and there is reason to believe this new order will not be kind to the many conservatives and other right-leaning folks who currently use Twitter for social media outreach. The “Trust and Safety Council” features some good anti-bullying groups, but it also features a number of high-profile liberal organizations that promote speech censorship—Feminist Frequency is one, and GLAAD is another.

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