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Saints Louis & Zelie Martin’s Lessons for Pandemic Weddings

When my husband and I were wedding planning over a decade ago, I remember how much we wished that we could just have a small, simple wedding ceremony and be done with it. We wanted the sacrament, not the party and the pictures. I remember going to a daily Mass after a particularly stressful afternoon of venue searching. After Mass, we witnessed a small con-validation ceremony, and it was a powerful witness and reminder to us that the sacrament truly was the most important thing.

But all that being said – we had the luxury of having a typical wedding, surrounded by all our family and friends. We had concelebrants and many, many out of town guests. We were hugged and hugged everyone. No one wore a mask. Everyone danced together, without a care for social distancing. And even the most elderly members of our family were able to attend without a concern for their safety.

In other words – we did not have a pandemic wedding. It was 2009. We could not have imagined such a thing. And, for all the romanticizing that we did about getting married in a smaller way, in the end that was not what God asked of us.

But maybe, dear engaged brothers and sisters…it is what he is asking of you. Maybe, you are finding yourselves faced with the reality of a pandemic wedding. Maybe there will be masks, social distancing, no party, no hugs, no friends, and only a few family members. I do not feel right giving you my advice about that because – I did not have to make that sacrifice.

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