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Rudy Giuliani says Trump is smarter than he looks as The Donald consults with former NYC mayor and other ‘kitchen cabinet’ advisers


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and a handful of policy wonks are casually advising Donald Trump as the Republican front-runner prepares for the kind of scrutiny he has yet to face.

But Giuliani says The Donald is up to the task.

‘You know, he’s very good,’ Giuliani told The Washington Post on Sunday, when a reporter asked whether the Republican front-runner has a decent grasp of complicated public policy issues.

‘It’s clear that he has an exceptionally good understanding of how the economy affects our foreign policy,’ he said of Trump.

‘He understands what’s happening with China, how they could stop North Korea in a heartbeat. This idea that he’s only familiar with slogans, it’s not accurate at all.’

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