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This rousing Stranger Things acceptance speech was just one of many defiant voices at the SAG Awards


On one of the most politically charged weekends in recent US history, it might have been tempting for the celebrities at the Screen Actors Guild Awards to retreat into the fictional stories they were celebrating. But instead, from the awards’ opening beats, they didn’t shy away from the news of the day, addressing the topics of immigration, protest, identity, and punching people in the face.

Ashton Kutcher set the tone for the evening, welcoming “everyone in airports who belong in my America,” alongside SAG members and viewers at home. Sarah Paulson, who scooped an award for her role in The People v. OJ Simpson, used her speech to ask for donations to the ACLU, while Bryan Cranston slipped into character as president Lyndon B. Johnson to offer a warning to Donald Trump: “Don’t piss in the soup we’ve all got to eat.”

Moonlight star Mahershala Ali also added an emotional take on the subject of identity and acceptance, referencing his own Muslim faith, and explaining how it didn’t stand in the way of his love for his mother — a Christian pastor. Julia Louis-Dreyfus took more direct aim at Trump’s executive order, calling it a “blemish” on the country, and un-American.

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