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Rome hosts Tim Tebow’s “Night to Shine” special needs prom

What most Italians know about proms, they learned from watching American sitcoms or dubbed-over versions of 90210. The “prom” is a uniquely American event. Still, Italians flocked to a prom in Rome Tuesday night – this one held for people with special needs, and organized by minor league baseball player Tim Tebow.

Night to Shine, a prom for people with special needs held Feb. 4 for the first time in Rome, was an evening of joyful celebration, according to guests and volunteers in attendance.

“We are so excited to be here in Italy, so excited to be here in Rome,” Tim Tebow told EWTN News before the event.

“Hopefully [Night to Shine] is something God-honoring,” he added.

Tebow and his wife, Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, were both in attendance at the dance. But the dance floor, not the celebrities, was the center of attention at Night to Shine.

Serena Silvi, a woman with Down syndrome, told CNA she felt “good, excited, happy,” and was “having fun,” at the dance.

“It’s truly a moment of great joy,” volunteer Anna Perluigi said, as she watched guests dance into the night.

Her sentiment was echoed by Annalisa Bellesini, who came with her daughter Lelia, who has Down syndrome.

“Not only the kids, but also the parents are happy,” Bellesini said, noting that some of the moms in attendance were dancing alongside their children.

“It’s a moment of celebration.”

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