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The Resurrection: Good News vs Fake News

Image: Art4TheGlryOfGod | Flickr

Easter is coming! All over the world, pastors are preparing to speak to what is usually the biggest church crowd of the year.

If you’re wondering how to make the wonderful, but familiar resurrection story feel fresh again, here’s an idea I’m working on.

The Gospel Is Good News

Christianity is an event-based faith.

At its core we find, not a good idea, a good philosophy or even a good person. Although Jesus and his teachings are all of that.

The central truth of the gospel is good news. That’s what the word ‘gospel’ means, after all.

News is the accurate retelling of an event. The event that defines our faith is the resurrection of Jesus. And it played out like any good, real news story should.

How the Resurrection Was Reported and Confirmed

The first people to preach the Gospel were the women who discovered the empty tomb. Immediately, like good reporters breaking a developing story, they ran to report that news to others.

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