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Restaurant owner makes generous offer to anyone ‘home alone’ this Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving for the past 10 years, George Dimopoulos has done something amazing.

It’s not that he shuts down his Northville, Michigan restaurant, called George’s Senate Coney Island. It’s that he opens it up even more than usual.

If you are homeless or even just alone for Thanksgiving (or Easter!), you can get a free meal at George’s.

“I’m a very good cook,” he told “I cook a lot of good food, and I give a lot of food to people. I don’t tell people that I do this; I do this because I believe in God and believe that there are people who need a little help.”

At least one customer thought it was an amazing idea and posted a picture to Imgur of a sign Dimopoulos hung in his window. Like the owner and the offer itself, it is modest and inspirational.

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