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Power From the Pews – February 16, 2019: Susie On The Sidewalk

  • Description: What motivates a person to witness for Life walking the sidewalks in front of an abortion clinic in freezing Michigan temperatures? Susie Stockman, Sidewalk Counselor for the ministry “Helping God ‘s Precious Infants”tells what moved her from being once Pro-Choice to becoming a Pro Life advocate and activist. For help and information, go to: Pregnancyaiddetroit.org. and Helpers of God’s Precious infants Michigan. ‎

Power From the Pews – February 9, 2019: The Inmate and the Infant

  • Description: What does an inmate on Death Row and an unwanted preborn infant have in common? Interviews with Steve Caron, a Knight of Malta and Editor of a Prison Newsletter The Serving Brother and Dr. Kathi Aultman, an ObGyn Doctor and former Abortionist turned Pro Life activist provide the answer. For further information on the Order of Malta’s Prison Ministry, go to their website, orderofmaltaamerican.org. Dr. Aultman’s website is: https://lozierinstitute.org/team-member/kathi-aultman-m-d/ ‎

Power From the Pews – February 2, 2019: Life: A Love Story

  • Description: Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky tells the beautiful story of his courageous wife’s fight for Life for the pre-born, even as her own life was ebbing away. After Karen Dutkowsky died, Dr. Dutkowsky, who specializes in care for people with disabilities wrote a book about he and Karen’s love for each other, God and the worth of a LIFE, no matter the impairment. The book is entitled “Perfectly Human”. It can be purchased on Amazon.com ‎

Power From the Pews – January 26, 2019: SCANDAL …WHAT CAN THE LAITY DO TO SAVE THE CHURCH?

  • Description: Archbishop Fulton Sheen in 1977, declared it was the laity, not the Bishops, not the priests, not the religious who would save the Church, It would be the people in the pews. Dr. Tom Graves and Landscape Architect, Richard Haas are ready for the challenge as they discuss the Clergy sex abuse crisis and the means to combat the scandal it has caused. ‎

Power From the Pews – January 19, 2019: Dr. Tom Graves and Richard Haas

  • Description: Catholic Men Leaders, Dr. Tom Graves and Richard Haas discuss how the Laity can save the Church. for more onformation check out St. Paul on the Lake's website at http://stpaulonthelake.org/ ‎

Power From the Pews – January 12, 2019: Innocent But Declared Guilty

  • Description: Julie Baumer was just 27 years old when she was wrongfully convicted of child abuse and sent to prison. Hear her dramatic story of 5 years imprisonment and how what she calls “Divine Intervention” through the Catholic Church won her freedom. To learn more about efforts to free the innocent from prison, go to: www.law.umich.edu/clinical/innocenceclinic/Pages/... ‎

Power From the Pews – January 5, 2019: Tap Into Life

  • Description: MILLENIALS MEET AND FIND MEANING OVER A MEAL, A BEER AND A NEW KIND OF SPIRITUAL COMMARADERIE. Peggy Stanton conducts an audience participation show at the Solanus Casey Center with a group of young people as to what difference Prayer makes in their lives. The answers are surprising and revealing. To learn more about TAP INTO LIFE, go to the Solanus Casey Center website: https://www.solanuscenter.org or on Facebook or Twitter ‎

Power From the Pews – December 29, 2018: SoulCore

  • Description: Peggy interviews Colleen Scariano, co-founder of SoulCore, and Alaina Wollner, Ann Arbor area SoulCore leader and they share how the SoulCore apostolate is helping people get spiritually and physically fit. SoulCore is a contemporary workout that strengthens body and soul by combining core-strengthening, stretching and functional exercises with meditations on the life of Christ in the rosary. For more information, visit www.soulcore.com; click on "Find a Class" to find local leaders, and check out the Shop and Online Studio to purchase video content for at-home workouts. You can also visit www.facebook.com/a2soulcore for Ann Arbor area information. ‎

Power From the Pews – December 22, 2018: Why did God choose to arrive on earth as a baby?

  • Description: What do we mean by the pedagogy of the Annunciation? Why did God choose a maiden from the nowhere town of Nazareth? Renowned English scholar and Director of Franciscan University’s Catechetical Institute, Petroc Willey, answers all these questions and many more fascinating insights concerning the Annunciation and birth of Jesus Christ. ‎

Power From the Pews – December 15, 2018(encore presentation from September 15, 2018): What Has Love Got To Do With It?

  • Description: Today continues our series, More than a Minute with the Catechism, all of which were recorded at Franciscan University’s St. John Bosco Catechetical Conference last summer. On this show, we are going to expand our examination of the virtue of Charity which St. Paul said was the greatest of all virtues. Our Lord reminded us in the Gospels to love one another. Our guests today, Patty and Gary Norris who gave several workshops during the Conference, will be talking about the importance of teaching Catechesis with love. Patty and Gary have been Catechists for 40 years and have been involved with RCIA programs for 30 years. Today, Patty is the Director of Religious Education at their parish in Milford, Ohio. Gary is a Lead Catechist and I am going to ask him later in the show to explain to us what that title means. ‎