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Power From the Pews – April 13, 2019: Hope Reborn

  • Description: Two young women tell their remarkable stories of recovering from years of drug abuse as residents of Communita Cenacolo in St. Augustine, Florida. Communita Cenacolo is part of the International Community of the Cenacle, begun in Italy by Italian nun, Sister Elvira. There are now 60 Communities around the world. For more information, go to: www.hopereborn.org ‎

Power From the Pews – April 6, 2019: CATEQUIZZLE

  • Description: The first ever CATEQUIZZLE, starring the CATEKIDS from St. Clare de Montefalco school in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Be amazed at the intelligent answers these elementary school students give about their relationship with God and their faith. For more information on St. Clare de Montefalco school visit thier web site at https://www.stclarem.org ‎

Power From the Pews – March 30, 2019: Dr. Mary Healy On Healing Part 2

  • Description: The second show on healing and miracles with Author, Speaker and Catholic Biblical Scholar Dr. Mary Healy as well as a discussion on quoting Jesus in Scripture. For more information go to: DrMaryHealy.com ‎

Power From the Pews – March 23, 2019: Dr. Mary Healy On Healing

  • Description: Do you believe in miracles happening today? Author, speaker and Catholic Biblical Scholar, Dr. Mary Healy does. She has carefully researched the subject and she has witnessed healings. From Sacred Heart Seminary where she is a Professor, Dr. Healy shares fascinating facts with Peggy. For more information go to: DrMaryHealy.com ‎

Power From the Pews – March 16, 2019: Made This Way....Leila Miller

  • Description: How do you talk to your children about the HOT BUTTON ISSUES, like traditional marriage vs. same sex marriage, pornography, transgenderism? Peggy’s guest, author Leila Miller and mother of 8 has co-authored a book with Trent Horn to guide parents through the minefields. For more information go to: WEBSITE….leilamiller.net ‎

Power From the Pews – March 9, 2019: OSV Institute - Jason Shanks

  • Description: Do you have an imaginative, creative idea for evangelization? Are you looking for financial support? Jason Shanks, President of Our Sunday Visitor Institute May be looking for you! He talks with Peggy about OSV’s grant program for innovative, Inspiring ministries. For further information go online to: OSVinstitute.com ‎

Power From the Pews – March 2, 2019: ENCOUNTERING JESUS AS HE WALKS AMONG US - Melanie Mebus

  • Description: Guest, MELANIE MEBUS reveals the miracles that take place when Jesus in His Eucharistic form walks among His people at St. Paul on the Lake’s Praise and Worship service. Five years ago, Melanie initiated an Adoration service with music, candle lighting, inspirational speakers, dramatizing Christ’s Real Presence that is drawing crowds and touching hearts in a new way. For more information go to: stpaulonthelake/Encounter ‎

Power From the Pews – February 23, 2019: Abortion is Destruction - Cheryl Riley Pedersen

  • Description: Abortion made her ife "a living hell” at 19. Cheryl Riley Pedersen shares her story of being pressured by her boyfriend to have an abortion while he ate breakfast at a restaurant next door to the abortion clinic. Cheryl, who is now Director of Respect Life Office for the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey self medicated her trauma with drugs and alcohol, eventually finding genuine healing on a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. For more information visit Rachel’s Vineyard website at http://rachelsvineyard.org or Silent No More at http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org ‎

Power From the Pews – February 16, 2019: Susie On The Sidewalk

  • Description: What motivates a person to witness for Life walking the sidewalks in front of an abortion clinic in freezing Michigan temperatures? Susie Stockman, Sidewalk Counselor for the ministry “Helping God ‘s Precious Infants”tells what moved her from being once Pro-Choice to becoming a Pro Life advocate and activist. For help and information, go to: Pregnancyaiddetroit.org. and Helpers of God’s Precious infants Michigan. ‎

Power From the Pews – February 9, 2019: The Inmate and the Infant

  • Description: What does an inmate on Death Row and an unwanted preborn infant have in common? Interviews with Steve Caron, a Knight of Malta and Editor of a Prison Newsletter The Serving Brother and Dr. Kathi Aultman, an ObGyn Doctor and former Abortionist turned Pro Life activist provide the answer. For further information on the Order of Malta’s Prison Ministry, go to their website, orderofmaltaamerican.org. Dr. Aultman’s website is: https://lozierinstitute.org/team-member/kathi-aultman-m-d/ ‎