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Power From the Pews – August 17, 2019: Kimberly Hahn

  • Description: Kimberly Hahn, speaker, author and politician talks about how a Christian women balances so many roles with being a wife and mother. Together with her husband Scott Hahn, she co-authored a best selling book about their conversion to Catholicism called "Rome Sweet Home". For more information on Kimberly's books please vist http://www.scotthahn.com/kimberlys-books ‎

Power From the Pews – August 10, 2019: Mary, The Great Pilgrim

  • Description: Dr. Petroc Willey, Director of Franciscan University's Catechetical Institute gives fascinating intellectual and personal insights as to how the Blessed Mother aids those who ask her to accompany them on their journey to eternity. For more information: The Catechetical Institute - 740-283-6754 [email protected] - Website: catechetics.com ‎

Power From the Pews – August 3, 2019: Dr. Mark Miravalle

  • Description: Dr. Mark Miravalle, world renowned Mariologist reveals fascinating facts about little known Church approved Apparitions, where Mary said the key to world peace rested on the proclamation of a new Marian dogma. Dr. Miravalle also tells how Pope Francis made history concerning Medjugorje and why that apparition is so important to the world. For more information on Dr. Miravalle’s work please visit: www.motherofallpeoples.com ‎

Power From the Pews – July 27, 2019(encore presentation from March 30, 2019): Dr. Mary Healy On Healing Part 2

  • Description: The second show on healing and miracles with Author, Speaker and Catholic Biblical Scholar Dr. Mary Healy as well as a discussion on quoting Jesus in Scripture. For more information go to: DrMaryHealy.com ‎

Power From the Pews – July 20, 2019(encore presentation from December 23, 2017): Dorothy Dennome

  • Description: 105 year old Wonder Woman Dorothy Dennome delivered Holy Communion to the Homebound, lectored at Holy Mass at the age of 99 and drove her PT Cruiser till she was 102. In this show, she reveals how she did and still does it. ‎

Power From the Pews – July 13, 2019(encore presentation from March 23, 2019): Dr. Mary Healy On Healing Part 1

  • Description: Do you believe in miracles happening today? Author, speaker and Catholic Biblical Scholar, Dr. Mary Healy does. She has carefully researched the subject and she has witnessed healings. From Sacred Heart Seminary where she is a Professor, Dr. Healy shares fascinating facts with Peggy. For more information go to: DrMaryHealy.com ‎

Power From the Pews – July 6, 2019(encore presentation from April 27, 2019): The Divine Plan

  • Description: Was there a Divine Plan that brought Ronald Regan and St. John Paul II together to defeat Soviet communism? Author Paul Kengor an film director Rob Orlando say yes. Peggy interviews Prof. Kengor and director Orlando on the movie "The Divine Plan" and the book they co-authored of the same name. For more information on the film and the movie visit the website at www.thedivineplanmovie.com ‎

Power From the Pews – June 29, 2019: Make Marriages Great Again

  • Description: Are you happily married? Want to make your marriage even happier? Join Teams of Our Lady, started in Paris, France 80 years ago. Only good marriages need apply. Guests Ed and Fran Benz tell why they joined and remained members of Teams of Our Lady 53 years ago. For more information, go to: Teams of Our Lady.org. In Michigan, contact: Julie and Steve Whitmore - 248- 547-1841. ‎

Power From the Pews – June 22, 2019: He Walks On Death Row

  • Description: After a dramatic encounter with Christ, Dale RECINELLA gave up his lucrative Wall Street law practice for a path that put him on Death Row as a Chaplain. He tells his amazing story and takes questions from new prison volunteers. For further information: [email protected]

Power From the Pews – June 15, 2019: Handling Disaster; Manmade and Natural

  • Description: Guest, Ravi Triptrapp, Executive Director of Malteser International Americas, relates the experiences of Malteser, the relief arm of the Order of Malta and warns against complacence when facing a hurricane. or man made disaster. For more information and a list of Preparedness tips and Immigration information go to: order maltarelief.org ‎