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Fire on the Earth – March 23, 2018: You Are Not Of God!

  • Description: Jesus told the religious leaders that they were not of God. How did he know? Because they refused to believe his word.

Fire on the Earth – March 22, 2018: Your Father the Devil

  • Description: Jesus tells the religious leaders that the Devil, not Abraham, not God the Father, is their father. Why? Because they do what the Devil desires them to do.

Fire on the Earth – March 21, 2018: Continue in My Word

  • Description: Who is a disciple? The one who receives Jesus’ words and continues in his word.

Fire on the Earth – March 20, 2018: I Do What Pleases Him

  • Description: Jesus’ conflict with the Pharisees continues to intensify. He warns them that if they do not believe in him they will die in their sins.

Fire on the Earth – March 19, 2018: The Faith of St. Joseph and Abraham

  • Description: St. Joseph was a son of Abraham. Abraham believed God, he staked everything on God’s command and promise. St. Joseph did the same. What are you prepared to do?

Fire on the Earth – March 16, 2018: St. Augustine's Battle with Sin

  • Description: Peter reads the moving account of St. Augustine’s honest account of his battle against sin and his experience of the grace of conversion.

Fire on the Earth – March 15, 2018: Rising at the Voice of His Command

  • Description: Every human being will hear the voice of the Son of Man and will rise to eternal life or to condemnation.

Fire on the Earth – March 14, 2018: No Judgment or Condemnation

  • Description: Jesus has been given the power to give life to whom he chooses and to be the final judge of mankind.

Fire on the Earth – March 13, 2018: He Called God His Father

  • Description: The drama of Jesus’ passion begins to build as religious leaders push back against his words and deeds.

Fire on the Earth – March 12, 2018: Embracing Lent

  • Description: Lent is a season of transformation. If we embrace that grace by receiving the Lord’s word into our hearts he will change us.