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Kresta in the Afternoon – September 22, 2017 – Hour 1

+  Kresta Comments: The Story of Fr. Stanley Rother

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+  Register Recap: Reform at the JP II Institute for Marriage & Family

  • Description: The Vatican announced on Tuesday that Pope Francis has established a new Pontifical John Paul II institute for "Marriage and Family Sciences" that will replace the academic institution founded in 1981. Its purpose is to carry forward the work of the two recent synods and the writings in Amoris Laetitia. There have been some concerns has to how the new institution will conform to the teachings of John Paul II. Matthew Bunson joins us with more on this story.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Matthew Bunson
      Matthew Bunson is a Senior Contributor to EWTN News and the National Catholic Register and a Senior Fellow at St Paul Center for Biblical Theology. He’s the author or co-author of more than 50 books including the first English-language biography of Pope Francis and The Encyclopedia of Catholic History. Follow him on twitter at MattBunson. Register Radio airs Saturdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 11 am.
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+  How to Get the Most out of the Rosary

  • Description: Do you want to pray the Rosary, but can never find the time? And when do you find the time, do you struggle to stay focused? What do you say to people who claim the Rosary is too focused on Mary, or that it violates Christ's condemnation of mindless, vain repetition? Ed Sri joins us to answer these questions and more as we discuss how this simple prayer helps us encounter the wonder of heaven and earth.
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    • Dr. Ed Sri
      Ed Sri is a theologian, speaker and the author of several books, most recenly "Praying the Rosary Like Never Before: Encounter the Wonder of Heaven and Earth." He's a professor of theology at the Augustine Institute and host of the acclaimed film series Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained.
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    • Praying the Rosary Like Never Before: Encounter the Wonder of Heaven and Earth

      “These words express, so to speak, the wonder of heaven and earth; they could be said to give a glimpse of God’s own wonderment as he contemplates his ‘masterpiece’—the Incarnation of the Son in the womb of the Virgin Mary.” —Saint John Paul II Do you have two and a half minutes in your day that you can give to God? This is the beauty of the rosary. You don’t have to pray the rosary all at once and you can pray it anywhere! Do you struggle with praying the rosary: finding time, fighting distractions, worrying about your mind wandering?  In Praying the Rosary Like Never Before, Edward Sri offers practical suggestions that come from the rosary’s tradition and, most especially, St. John Paul II. These helpful tips will make the rosary a constant companions through the different seasons, moments, and challenges we all face. These tips serve as easy on-ramps for those who don’t pray the rosary regularly motivate avid devotees of the rosary to go deeper with the Lord. “Offering God a decade or two in the midst of my daily life gives him something beautiful, even if I give it without my full, relaxed, undivided attention,” says Sri. “I’m giving God some space in my day and filling it with words of praise for him.” You will find answers to common questions such as the significance of the Hail Mary, whether the attention given to Mary distracts us from God, the meaning of all the repetition, where the rosary came from, what to think about for each of the mysteries, and whether one should focus on the prayers or the mysteries. You will also find biblical reflections on the twenty mysteries of the rosary that provide practical insights to help you not only understand the twenty mysteries but also live them. In this book, Sri takes what he did in The New Rosary in Scripture to a new level. (learn more)

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Kresta in the Afternoon – September 22, 2017 – Hour 2

+  Gay Rights vs. Religious Liberty: The Latest from the Courts

  • Description: When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in June 2015, a primary concern for Catholics was how the ruling would affect conscience rights and religious liberty. There are a number of cases currently in the courts whose rulings will be very telling about the future of religious liberty. The primary case is, of course, the Colorado baker who refuses to prepare a cake for a same-sex wedding; his case will be heard by the Supreme Court this term. Also, the ACLU has sued the state of Michigan for a law protecting the conscience rights of faith-based adoption agencies. We'll look at these stories with Rob Muise.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Rob Muise
      Robert is a co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center and the co-Author of Offensive and Defensive Lawfare: Fighting Civilizational Jihad in America's Courts. He perviously served 13 years in the US Marine Corps. Visit americanfreedomlawcenter.org.
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+  Sexual Violence as a Tactic of Terror (2 segments)

  • Description: Some of ISIS' most stomach-churning crimes have been in the area of sexual violence. Women who have escaped tell stories of being "married" many times in one night and raped more times than they can count. Jane Adolphe joins us with a look at how sexual violence is used as tactic of terror and the legal avenues for combating it.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Jane Adolphe
      Jane Adolphe is co-editor and contributing author to The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in the Middle East. She is Associate Professor of Law at Ave Maria School of Law in Naples.
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    • The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in the Middle East: Prevention, Prohibition, & Prosecution

      -- An eye-opening account of the plight of Christians in the Middle East -- The most in-depth work available on the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians In summer 2014, ISIS waged a bloody blitz through Iraq's Nineveh province, crucifying, beheading, raping, torturing, forcibly converting to Islam, and driving out every member of the region's 2000-year-old Christian community. Christian girls, as young as three, were sold at ISIS sex slave markets in Mosul. Ancient churches were burned and ISIS attacked dozens of Christian towns in Syria. The beheading in 2015 of 21 Egyptian Copts was videotaped by ISIS and became a searing, iconic symbol of this wave of persecution that threatens to eradicate Christianity in the Middle East. Many in the West, even Christians, remain unaware of the scale of this persecution, and even fewer know what can be done about it. Inspired by Pope Francis's denunciation of these acts as "genocide," a group of Catholic legal scholars, writers, and theologians began work on The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Its case studies focus on persecuted Christians, but its analysis equally applies to the other victims. In the United States, military and diplomatic responses are contemplated and sometimes undertaken. But what about the legal system? Are there things we can or should be trying? That question animates this book as it explores various facets of religious persecution, examining ISIS's ideology and their relationship to Islam as practiced by most Muslims, as well as exploring the nature of religious freedom. Practical, relevant, and rich in ideas, this book addresses the most crucial religious freedom issue of our day. It is a primer for Christians, students of international human rights, and all concerned about religious persecution. The book also examines:

      •     Sexual violence as a tactic of terror and an element of genocide under international law.
      •     The responsibility, not only of the militant terrorists who commit and direct the crimes, but also the network of businesses, bankers and money brokers, social media experts, clerics, academics, madrassas, prison chaplains, charities, and donors supporting them.
      •      Applicable international law, especially criminal law, as it pertains to the special case of ISIS and other non-state terrorists.
      •      U.S. law against torture.
      •      The shortcomings of the International Criminal Court and potential role of ad hoc regional as well as national courts.
      •      The tensions between peace and justice.
      •      The Vatican's role in peace efforts in Syria, and the Christian response to persecution.
      (learn more)

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Christian Classics – September 22, 2017

  • Description: Readings from timeless Christian literature and writings of the saints and doctors of the Church.

Food for the Journey – September 22, 2017

  • Description: Sister Ann Shields believes there is a major disconnect in the lives of many Catholics: a separation between God's word and its application to our personal/daily lives.

The Doctor Is In – September 22, 2017

  • Description: It's Look Back Friday! Instead of taking calls, Dr. Ray spends Friday's revisiting previously aired conversations from "The Doctor Is In" in order to expand on his answers and the topics addressed. On today's show, we look back on Marlene from Illinois (04/19), Kathy from North Dakota (04/20), and Monica from Michigan (04/18).

Kresta in the Afternoon – September 21, 2017 – Hour 1

+  How the Reformation Rebelled Against Luther (full hour)

  • Description: For 500 years Marin Luther has been revered as an outspoken and fearless icon of change who led the modern world out of the darkness of the Middle Ages. But he never intended to start a revolution and certainly never imagined how his actions would shape the next five centuries. Brad Gregory joins us with a look at his inadvertent role in starting the reformation and the changes that followed.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Brad Gregory
      Brad Gregory is the author of Rebel in the Ranks: Martin Luther, the Reformation and the Conflicts that Continue to Shape our World. He's a professor of history at Notre Dame and received the first annual Hiett Prize in the Humanities from the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.
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    • Rebel in the Ranks: Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the Conflicts That Continue to Shape Our World

      On the 500th anniversary of the Reformation comes this compelling, illuminating, and expansive religious history that examines the complicated and unintended legacies of Martin Luther and the epochal movement that continues to shape the world today. For five centuries, Martin Luther has been lionized as an outspoken and fearless icon of change who ended the Middle Ages and heralded the beginning of the modern world. In Rebel in the Ranks, Brad Gregory, renowned professor of European history at Notre Dame, recasts this long-accepted portrait. Luther did not intend to start a revolution that would divide the Catholic Church and forever change Western civilization. Yet his actions would profoundly shape our world in ways he could never have imagined. Gregory analyzes Luther’s inadvertent role in starting the Reformation and the epochal changes that followed. He reveals how Luther’s insistence on the Bible as the sole authority for Christian truth led to conflicting interpretations of its meaning—and to the rise of competing churches, political conflicts, and social upheavals. Ultimately, he contends, some of the major historical and cultural developments that arose in its wake—including the Enlightenment, individual self-determination and moral relativism, and a religious freedom that protects one’s right to worship or even to reject religion—would have appalled Luther: a reluctant revolutionary, a rebel in the ranks, whose goal was to make society more Christian, yet instead set the world on fire. (learn more)

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Kresta in the Afternoon – September 21, 2017 – Hour 2

+  Kresta News Roundup – The Reformation and Christian Unity

+  Social Order in the Medieval Age (2 segments)

  • Description: One of the biggest challenges in studying history is our inability to fully understand the people, culture, politics and experiences as they existed at the time. Scholars today criticize the Medieval world for its allegedly close ties between the Church and the State in the “dark ages” before the Enlightenment. But the leading thinkers of the time didn’t see a “problem” of Church and State. The spiritual and political powers existed, but they were not in competition. We’ll take a look with Andrew Jones.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Andrew Jones
      Andrew Willard Jones is the Director of the St. Paul Center and a Faculty Fellow at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He’s the author of Before Church and State: A Study of Social Order in the Sacramental Kingdom of St Louis IX and holds a PhD in Medieval History from Saint Louis University with a focus on the Church of the High Middle Ages.
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    • Before Church and State: A Study of Social Order in the Sacramental Kingdom of St. Louis IX

      Before Church and State: A Study of Social Order in the Sacramental Kingdom of St. Louis IX by Andrew Willard Jones explores in great detail the "problem of Church and State" in thirteenth-century France. It argues that while the spiritual and temporal powers existed, they were not parallel structures attempting to govern the same social space in a contest over sovereignty. Rather, the spiritual and the temporal powers were wrapped up together in a differentiated and sacramental world, and both included the other as aspects of their very identity. The realm was governed not by proto-absolutist institutions, but rather by networks of friends that cut across lay/clerical lines. Ultimately, the king's "fullness of power" and the papacy's "fullness of power" came together to govern a single social order. Before Church and State reconstructs this social order through a detailed examination of the documentary evidence, arguing that the order was fundamentally sacramental and that it was ultimately congruent with contemporary incarnational and trinitarian theologies and the notions of proper order that they supported. Because of this, modern categories of secular politics cannot be made to capture its essence but rather paint always a distorted portrait in modernity's image. In addition to a detailed reconstruction of the institutions of the kingdom, the work offers a reading of the political and ecclesiological thought of St. Thomas Aquinas that is consistent with that reconstruction. Thomas is here rescued from the liberal or Whig reading that has dominated in recent centuries and is returned to his thirteenth century context. Previously, scholars interested in challenging modern conceptions of the secular and the religious when treating the Middle Ages, have had to rely largely on historical scholarship written from within the conventional modern paradigm. In this text, Jones provides these scholars with a methodologically and technically rigorous alternative. If the book's thesis is widely accepted, it will call for the reconsideration of the accepted narrative of medieval Church and State. (learn more)

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Fire on the Earth – September 21, 2017

  • Description: This daily radio show provides a compelling look at the New Evangelization through inspiring teachings, interviews and testimonies.

Christian Classics – September 21, 2017

  • Description: Readings from timeless Christian literature and writings of the saints and doctors of the Church.

Food for the Journey – September 21, 2017

  • Description: Sister Ann Shields believes there is a major disconnect in the lives of many Catholics: a separation between God's word and its application to our personal/daily lives.