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Christian Classics – October 30, 2020

  • Description: Readings from timeless Christian literature and writings of the saints and doctors of the Church.

Kresta in the Afternoon – October 30, 2020 – Hour 1

+  Kresta Comments: The Political Climate Heading into the Election

  • Description: The election is almost here. Al offers some thoughts on the current political climate.
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    • Dewey Defeats Truman: The 1948 Election and the Battle for America’s Soul

      From the New York Times best-selling author of The Accidental President comes the thrilling story of the 1948 presidential election, one of the greatest election stories of all time, as Truman mounted a history-making comeback and staked a claim for a new course for America. On the eve of the 1948 election, America was a fractured country. Racism was rampant, foreign relations were fraught, and political parties were more divided than ever. Americans were certain that President Harry S. Truman’s political career was over. “The ballots haven’t been counted,” noted political columnist Fred Othman, “but there seems to be no further need for holding up an affectional farewell to Harry Truman.” Truman’s own staff did not believe he could win. Nor did his wife, Bess. The only man in the world confident that Truman would win was Mr. Truman himself. And win he did. 1948 was a fight for the soul of a nation. In Dewey Defeats Truman, A. J. Baime sheds light on one of the most action-packed six months in American history, as Truman not only triumphs, but oversees watershed events—the passing of the Marshall plan, the acknowledgement of Israel as a new state, the careful attention to the origins of the Cold War, and the first desegregation of the military. Not only did Truman win the election, he succeeded in guiding his country forward at a critical time with high stakes and haunting parallels to the modern day. (learn more)

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+  Catholic Voting Considerations

  • Description: As Catholics prepare to vote in the 2020 election, they are called both to form their consciences in light of Catholic teaching and to be informed about where the two major presidential candidates and their parties stand on the most important moral issues facing the country. Doug Keck joins us.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Doug Keck
      Doug Keck is the President and Chief Operating Officer at EWTN.
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+  Growing in your Vocation – on Vacation!

  • Description: If you’re looking for a fun way to grow in your marriage and meet other Catholic couples looking to do the same, then you’re invited to join us on the next Good News Marriage Cruise, setting sail in January 2022. We’ll take a sneak peek with Scott Hahn, who shares some reflections on marriage as a Christian vocation.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Scott Hahn
      Dr. Scott Hahn is the author most recently of Hope to Die: The Christian Meaning of Death and the Resurrection of the Body as well as more than 40 other books. He’s the Fr. Michael Scanlan Professor of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he has taught since 1990. He is the Founder and President of the St. Paul Center, an apostolate dedicated to teaching Catholics to read Scripture from the heart of the Church. Dr. Hahn has been married to Kimberly for forty years, and together they have six children and eighteen grandchildren. Two of their sons are currently in priestly formation with the Diocese of Steubenville.
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The Doctor Is In – October 30, 2020

  • Description: It's Look Back Friday! Instead of taking calls, Dr. Ray spends Friday's revisiting previously aired conversations from "The Doctor Is In" in order to expand on his answers and the topics addressed. On today's show, we look back on Michelle from Texas (06/18), Alex from New York (06/25), and Jackie from North Dakota (07/01).

Catholic Connection – October 30, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Description: Daily live call-in program designed to offer Catholics and other Christians an opportunity to hear from and talk with some of the leading apologists and theologians in the Church today.

Catholic Connection – October 30, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Description: Daily live call-in program designed to offer Catholics and other Christians an opportunity to hear from and talk with some of the leading apologists and theologians in the Church today.

Christ is the Answer – October 30, 2020: The 5th Commandment

  • Program #: 730
  • Description: Instruction on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other topics critical to those seeking answers to life's greatest questions.
  • Series Details: This program is part 5 of a 8-part series titled The Ten Commandments.

More2Life – October 30, 2020: Boo!

  • Description: This Halloween weekend we’re helping you help you overcome the fears that are holding you back. Dr. Greg and Lisa will help you solve your problems with relevant, relatable and achievable tools and solutions straight from the genius of the Theology of the Body. It is the life you were meant to live! To make a telecounseling appointment with Dr. Greg or one of his associates, call 740-266-6461. To purchase Dr. Greg's books, please visit: http://www.exceptionalmarriages.com/shop/default.asp

+  Intro & Dr. Greg and Lisa take your calls

+  Dr. Greg & Lisa talk to their guest

  • Segment Guests:
    • Rachael Popcak
      , Pastoral Solutions Institute

      Rachael Popcak, MSW, LSW, is a counseling associate of the Pastoral Solutions Institute. Rachael completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and obtained her Masters in Social Work (Clinical Specialization) from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a Licensed Social Worker and has received additional advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Gottman Relational Therapy, and the neurobiology of attachment and trauma. Rachael holds certificates in Direct Practice Mental Health (University of Pittsburgh), Evidence Based Suicide Prevention and Intervention (VYNE Education) and TeleMental Health (Zur Institute). Before joining the Pastoral Solutions Institute, Rachael worked in a variety of outpatient mental health and counseling settings. She serves as the editor and contributing writer for the Pastoral Solutions Institute blog, Faith On The Couch, on Patheos.com. Rachael’s clinical approach is rooted in a strengths-based perspective, helping individuals discover and develop their innate resources and apply them in creative ways to life and relationship challenges.

+  Dr. Greg & Lisa take your calls

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Stories from the Heart – October 30, 2020: Something Special for Jesus

  • Program #: 849

Fire on the Earth – October 30, 2020: How to Destroy the Devils Arguments

  • Description: The battle with the Devil begins in the mind, with lies, deceptions and false arguments. How do we expose the lies and win victory over the strategies of the Devil?

Food for the Journey – October 30, 2020

  • Description: Sister Ann Shields believes there is a major disconnect in the lives of many Catholics: a separation between God's word and its application to our personal/daily lives.