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Repentance: Getting Your Priorities Straight

Recently, when attending Divine Liturgy, the priest’s sermon was about the topic of repentance. He started off by acknowledging that most people don’t like the word repentance.

He explained that the word “repentance” can lead people to thoughts like:

  • Boring
  • No fun
  • Restriction

But what I found most interesting about the sermon was when the priest said the following:

“Repentance means simply this: Getting your priorities straight.”

And you know what, he’s right! It was definitely a “nail-on-the-head” moment.

I think sometimes in life we often tend to forget about some very important things: Our faith. Our values. Virtue…God.

By this I’m not implying that we’re all terrible people, committing terrible acts. Although, yes, that can happen – what I’m referring to is the easy ability to slip off course a bit. Perhaps letting the world in more than it should be. Thus allowing God into our hearts less.

Spiritual tepidity. A half-hearted service to God.

And when this happens, as it does with most of us when we lose site of our priorities, just as Father said in his sermon – it’s time to reset our priorities through an honest examination of conscience, repentance, and finally – course-correction.

When we start to grow lukewarm in the service of God, it’s a dangerous place to be. It usually starts with praying less, thinking about God less, thinking about others less, and thinking about ourselves more than is needed. This often happens without us even being fully aware of it, as we start to search for happiness and consolation from the worldly things around us. We may start to lie to ourselves.

This is when our thoughts and desires become too influenced by time-consuming interests, selfish ambitions, and the wrong standards of worldly people.

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