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Remini Series: Scientology’s Horrors Include Imprisonment And Forced Abortion


Leah Remini’s newest A&E episode on Scientology reveals some of the most horrific and shocking stories of ex-‘church’ members yet.

In the fifth episode of Leah Remini’s A&E series exposing Scientology, she has a message for viewers, Scientologists, and the private investigators hired to follow the production team around: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The episode’s focus rests on gala fundraisers organized by the “church.” Remini explains that these helped keep her tied to the group even after doubts began to surface. The galas center around Scientology’s great successes helping inner city school children and drug addicts—which are all demonstratively false, according to the former producer of these events, Marc Headley.

The events are a cornerstone for Scientologists, and hearing how much of the scripts are false is groundbreaking for current and ex-Scientologists. But the personal stories of Marc and Claire Headley are what stole the show for the millions of other non-Scientology affiliated viewers watching.

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