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Register Radio: Al Kresta on Dangers

National Catholic Register

September 16, 2013

By Jeanette Demelo

Dangers to the Faith by Al Kresta

… Dan Burke spoke with Ave Maria Radio’s Al Kresta about his new book Dangers to the Faith: Recognizing Catholicism’s 21st Century Opponents.

One point Kresta makes on the show is that “social reform movements have always appealed to Christianity;” for example the abolition of slavery and the civil rights movement in 1960s appealed to Christian faith legitimize the proposed social changes. But with the current same-sex “marriage,” Kresta says we have turned a corner “with the first social reform that did not have to appeal to Christianity for legitimization.”

He says now is the time for Catholics to “bear witness. We should regard ourselves as a very distinct minority. … Minorities have to represent themselves differently. If you’re no longer the dominant culture, you have to make your case in a different way. … We must be prepared to endure ridicule.” Kresta talks about the need to put Christ’s words in scripture about loving our enemies into practice. He says we must “love without accommodating ourselves to worldly schemes.”

Kresta also talked about the first two chapters of his book that deal with “New self-styled spirituality of Oprah” and the New Age movement. To learn more about his book Dangers to Faith, listen to the show.


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