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Questionable aid

As Giving Tuesday launches an intense end-of-the-year fundraising season for nonprofits, a U.S. aid group working in Iraq and Syria has come under scrutiny and criticism by local officials who say its claims are fraudulent.

Texas-based Preemptive Love Coalition, a media-savvy aid organization founded in 2007, has posted repeat donor appeals on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube tracking with Turkey’s invasion of northeast Syria starting in October. In one dramatic video clip, CEO and founder Jeremy Courtney said, “We just got word from our team on the ground in Syria that all our food is gone.”

Courtney said Turkey’s advance had created “the worst wave of displacement we’ve seen” and told viewers, “We need your help. We need to get more food and more medical care to the front lines urgently.”

In another video dated Oct. 28, Courtney asked for “emergency support,” saying, “The moves of the last two to three weeks have put us in a month-over-month-over-month crisis that we are likely not going to be able to find our way out of as a humanitarian organization and as a civilian population on the ground.”

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