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Purdue professor proves 53 people in the Bible lived

Using inscriptions from archaeological finds, Lawrence Mykytiuk, has been able to establish the historical accuracy of sacred scripture.

Purdue University professor Lawrence Mykytiuk is on a mission to determine whether the people mentioned in the Bible actually existed. By using the archaeological record, he has been able to confirm the identities of 53 individuals.

“While some would put their hand on the Bible and really mean it when they take an oath, a few revisionist academics would throw it out and say, ‘That’s creative writing.’ I was looking for concrete, objective evidence outside of the Bible that would help build the case,” Mykytiuk, an associate professor of library science, said in a press release.

Mykytiuk first published his findings with the Biblical Archaeology Society in 2014, when he wrote that he had authenticated the existence of 50 people named in the Old Testament. In April of this year, he updated his study to add three more.

While there are over 3,000 people named in the Hebrew Bible, Mykytiuk says that not enough information from other archaeological evidence in the form of inscriptions is available to prove their existence.

For the 53 names that he verified, Mykytiuk used inscriptions and his knowledge of ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, along with Canaanite dialects and other ancient languages, to confirm that they lived when and where the Bible says they did.

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