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Promoting Fifty Shades of Grey?


A listener emailed me last night complaining that our website, and our Fifty Shades of Grey resource page is promoting the movie. I figured maybe some others are likewise confused so let me explain:

I’m a bit surprised anyone would think we are promoting 50 Shades of Grey. Both the movie and the book are morally corrupt. But we are urging Catholics to do more than show moral outrage over the movie. Since this is one of the largest hyped marketing campaigns since the Harry Potter hoopla, it is a perfect opportunity to share our faith in Christ and his Church. This opens doors to discuss God’s purpose for human sexuality, authentic redemption in Christ, St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and I could go on. Some people will be able to share how they have been converted from the “Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son” to quote St. Paul.

 We are no more promoting 50 Shades of Grey than St. Paul was promoting paganism or Greek philosophy when he went to Mars Hill in Athens and offered commentary on the various gods of Greece including one he called “the unknown God.”  While there he quoted from various Stoic and Epicurean philosophers and poets to make his point about the coming judgement and the resurrection of Jesus. I see our work as imitating his.

 I hope this helps clear up the confusion and don’t hesitate to write with comments or questions in the future.



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