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This is a program about the Beautiful People. Host Peggy Stanton travels the world in search of Christ’s committed laity who are participating in or creating ministries that are making a real difference in their parishes, in their communities, and in the world. Broadcasts have come from as diverse destinations as Rio de Janeiro; Aspen, Colorado; New York City, Ave Maria, Florida; and Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Wherever God’s grace is glowing through his intentional disciples, “Power from the Pews” wants to tell their stories.

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Peggy Stanton's Latest Posts

  • Power From the Pews – April 23, 2016: Fr. John Hilton

    • Description: Peggy interviews Fr. John Hilton "The Pedaling Priest" who bicycled last summer across the United States, to bring awareness to Aspen Catholic, the newly devised educational and evangelizing arm of Fr. johns parish St. Mary's in Aspen, Colorado. Father talks about his adventures bicycling thirty-six hundred miles from Colorado to Maine; the people he met, the animals that crossed his path, the hospitality he received at his many stops, as well as a very powerful mystical day he experienced. The 2nd Aspen Catholic event(Encountering Mercy) takes place May 13th-15th, 2016. For more information on attending the event and Aspen Catholic visit
  • Power From the Pews – April 16, 2016(encore presentation from February 14, 2015): Dale Recinella

    • Description: Peggy interviews Dale Recinella who was a Wall Street financial Lawyer and experienced a conversion and dropped everything and moved his family to Florida where he now works in a ministry on Florida's death row. For more information on Dale and to purchase his books visit
  • Power From the Pews – April 9, 2016: Divine Mercy - Cathrine Lanni

    • Description: Peggy interviews Cathrine Lanni and her prayer warriors about how the Divine Mercy Center in Clinton Township Michigan came to be and all the great thing happening there. For more information on Cathrine Lanni and the Divine Mercy Center visit their website at or call them at 586-777-8591
  • Power From the Pews – April 2, 2016: The Jon Scharfenberger Memorial Pro-Life Scholarship

    • Description: A show that focuses on hope and purpose. How the most tragic of circumstances can work for God's purposes. Jon Scharfenberger graduated from Ave Maria University in 2011. During his years at AMU he was an avid Pro-Life Advocate, serving as President of AMU's Students for Life. A tragic automobile accident in 2011 took Jon's life while he was driving home from a Students for Life Conference. Peggy interviews his mother Ana Schrfenberger who with others, established a pro-life scholarship in Jon's honor. Sixty students so far have benefited from the scholarship award which was established in 2013. To learn more about how you can support or apply for the scholarship program visit: or call Sydney at 239-250-3537.
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  • Power From the Pews – March 26, 2016: Carole Carpenter

    • Description: HOW DO YOU FOUND A TOWN AND A UNIVERSITY? Carole Carpenter was a key member of Tom Monaghan’s Dream Team that built a town and a University out of a tomato field .On this program, she recounts the remarkable stories of the early days of Ave Maria University and Ave Maria town. The dream involved people from all across America, thanks to God’s Amazing Grace which prompted amazing generosity from donors. Ave Maria is now considered one of southwest Florida’s fastest growing communities. To contact Carole: Berkshire Hathaway Florida Realty 621 5th Ave South Naples, FL 34102 239 249 2111 [email protected] [email protected]
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  • Power From the Pews – March 19, 2016: Daniel DeSilva

    • Description: Peggy interviews Daniel DeSliva on his documentary film coming out on the first painted image of The Divine Mercy.
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  • Power From the Pews – March 12, 2016(encore presentation from January 23, 2016): The Moral Man in the Public Arena

    • Description: THE MORAL MAN IN THE PUBLIC ARENA. In this Presidential election year, Peggy asks a former Democratic Congressman and a former Republican Ambassador to take on the topic of public servants and private versus public morality. Her guests are Congressman Matt McHugh and philosopher, theologian, author and former Ambassador Michael Novak. Can you guess which presidential candidate they BOTH agree is the moral man in today’s public arena? You may be surprised!
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  • Power From the Pews – March 5, 2016: Teresa & Rosie Tomeo

    • Description: Peggy interviews Ave Maria Radio's own Teresa Tomeo and her mother Rosie on Teresa's Career as a journalist and how she fell away from the church and her return. Peggy gets Teresa's mothers option on how she felt about Teresa falling away from the church and what she did to help her get back.
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  • Power From the Pews – February 27, 2016: Mark and Betty Squiers(Retrouvaille )

    • Description: Retrouvaille - a “Lifeline for Troubled Marriages”. Can a marriage even survive an affair? Mark and Betty Squiers say yes. They tell the story of a marriage that did ...thanks to Retrouvaille. 5500 couples in the Michigan area have gone through the program and an estimated 80% of those marriages have been saved or improved as a result. The next Retrouvaille weekend will be held in Romulus, Michigan on March 18. For information, go to Phone number: 800-470-2230 (Michigan)
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  • Power From the Pews – February 20, 2016: Gianna Molla

    • Description: Dr. Gianna Emanuela Molla is the daughter of a Saint; Gianna Berretta Molla, an Italian pediatrician, wife and mother of 4 who gave her life to save Gianna Emanuela’s life. Dr. Molla was canonized in 2004 by St. John Paul ll and Gianna Emanuela was present for her mother’s canonization. Today, she travels the world to witness to her mother’s martyred testimony to the value of life for the pre-born. To earn more about St. Gianna, check out this website:
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