Peter Herbeck

Peter Herbeck is the Vice President and Director of Missions for Renewal Ministries. Peter oversees the work of lay mission teams throughout the world who work to equip Catholic lay people, bishops, priests, and religious to respond to Blessed Pope John Paul II’s call for a new evangelization. He has traveled extensively in the U.S., Canada, Africa, and Eastern Europe for the past thirty years, assisting and training local churches in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering through the exercise of spiritual gifts. Peter is the co-host of the weekly television show The Choices We Face, and the host of the daily radio show Fire on the Earth. Peter also is a co-host on Crossing the Goal, the popular show for men broadcast weekly on EWTN.

He is a frequent conference speaker, and the author of books and audio tapes about discipleship and life in the Spirit. He has authored a book entitled When the Spirit Comes in Power and co-authored When the Spirit Speaks, Touched by God’s Word, with his wife Debbie.

Peter holds a B.A. in Philosophy from St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota and an M.A. in Theology from Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Michigan.

Peter and his wife Debbie have four children, ages 18 to 25, and are members of Christ the King parish in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Program Details:

Times: Monday - Friday: 6:30-6:45 am EST & 11:45 am-12:00 pm EST

Call-in Phone: n/a

This daily radio show provides a compelling look at the New Evangelization through inspiring teachings, interviews and testimonies. Peter helps listeners respond personally to what the Holy Spirit is saying in our time.  Peter’s insights will help Catholics acquire the tools they need to do their part in the New Evangelization.

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Peter Herbeck's Latest Posts

  • Fire on the Earth – May 20, 2019: To Know God

    • Description: What is eternal life? Jesus answers that question in one sentence. .
  • Fire on the Earth – May 17, 2019: Do Not Seek the Glory of Men

    • Description: St. Paul’s motivation is clear: to please God. What motivates you?
  • Fire on the Earth – May 16, 2019: Jesus Delivers Us from the Wrath to Come

    • Description: The apostles were utterly clear in their minds, renewed in their thinking about who Jesus was and is. Are we?
  • Fire on the Earth – May 15, 2019: Much Affliction, Much Joy

    • Description: Affliction and joy are two seemingly opposite realities that were the common experience of many of the early Christians.
  • Fire on the Earth – May 14, 2019: Our Gospel Came in Power

    • Description: St. Paul appealed to the experience of the young Christians of Thessaloniki in order to strengthen them in the midst of persecution. What was that experience?
  • Fire on the Earth – May 13, 2019: Jesus Holds Each One of Us in His Hand

    • Description: Jesus said, my sheep hear my voice, they know me, they follow me, and I hold them in the palm of my hand, and no one will ever take them from me.
  • Fire on the Earth – May 10, 2019: The Lion and the Lamb!

    • Description: Who is worthy to open the scroll? Peter reflects on the fundamental truth that Jesus alone is worthy to stand in final judgment over all of human history.
  • Fire on the Earth – May 9, 2019: Ireland has Fallen, Will America?

    • Description: In the words of St. John Paul II, Ireland has faced a great test in our time, a battle for its very identity. It’s a battle that, at least for now, she has lost. What can we learn from that spiritual struggle?
  • Fire on the Earth – May 8, 2019: Is Something Strange Happening to Us?

    • Description: A disciple of Jesus is never surprised by trial and persecution, as though something strange was happening to him. .
  • Fire on the Earth – May 7, 2019: We Must Obey God Rather Than Men

    • Description: St. Peter’s declaration before the Sanhedrin is filled with important truth that is relevant to each one of us today. He is teaching us a crucial lesson for our time.