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What’s a Person To Do? Everyday Decisions That Matter

What’s a Person To Do? Everyday Decisions That Matter


Moral decision-making made easier

From Internet access to lottery tickets, from pet ownership to R-rated entertainment, we’re faced with more ethical decisions than we might realize, every single day.

What’s a person to do – especially when there is no definitive Catholic teaching on a subject? Do we just brush off these pesky moral dilemmas? Do we happily live in the gray areas of life and simply go along with conventional wisdom? Or do we make an honest attempt to face these moral questions head on?

The way we deal with these seemingly small ethical decisions can have a huge impact on our own lives as well as those of our children and families.

This book is an ethical toolbox, providing you with a process for making confident choices, asking yourself challenging questions, developing moral virtue, and discovering deeper happiness.

“A bracing wake-up call to those of us who often overlook the moral dimensions of the decisions we make in everyday life. Mark Latkovic gently guides us through the ethical minefield of contemporary society.” – Mary Ann Glendon, Learned Hand Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

“The book will be particularly welcome to parents and catechists, as they fulfill their responsibilities for giving moral guidance to the next generation of believers.” – Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron, Detroit

“Not only a reliable guide to resolving some of the ethical questions we face in our everyday lives, it is a guidebook to thinking well about decisions that shape our characters.” – Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

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