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Upward: Faith, Church, and the Ascension of Christ

Upward: Faith, Church, and the Ascension of Christ


The ascension of Christ is usually taken for granted and often neglected.  Indeed, it represents that forgotten dimension of faith in its reach beyond the categories, concepts, and concerns of our mundane existence, even in the church. This book is written with the conviction that there are further riches to be discovered.  Christ’s ascension indelibly marks the limitless horizon of Christian life. It reminds us that the mission of evangelization is unconfined, always moving beyond, upward, outward, in the vitality of the risen Christ who already occupies every dimension of time and space.  Properly understood, the ascension is a fundamental aspect of the catholicity of faith and enables it to breathe more deeply in its experience of “the boundless riches of Christ” (Eph 3:9).

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