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Theology of the Body – Fr. John Riccardo on Pope St. John Paul II’s Teaching


The Theology of the Body helps answer three extremely crucial questions that everyone should be asking:

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

How do I get there?

Throughout the history of the world, most people have asked these questions. That is, until fifty years ago. For reasons unknown, this generation and the generation before it, stopped asking these questions. But unless we ask these questions, how is it we are living?

1. In the Image of God He Created Them

Pope St. John Paul II used his exegesis on Matthew 19 as a starting point for Theology of the Body. In Matthew 19 Jesus points the Pharisees back to Genesis. In this talk Fr. Riccardo explains that if we are to understand human life we have to go back to the beginning of creation and take a look at God’s plan.

2. In The Beginning it Was Not So

In the beginning, Adam and Eve had an interior freedom because the will and the body were in perfect harmony. As a result of the Fall that perfect harmony no longer exists. In this talk Fr. Riccardo explains that as a consequence it now requires extreme effort and hard work to truly love.

3. You Have Been Purchased At a Great Price

We will never be able to go back to Eden and to how life was before the fall. Yet in the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection we have the grace and the strength to live a new life. In this talk, Fr. Riccardo moves beyond what we lost in the fall and discusses what is still possible with the grace of God.

4. Neither Married Nor Given in Marriage

Heaven will be a place where there is no conflict within us. Pope St. John Paul II said Heaven will be a “completely new state of life.” Our will and our body will be in perfect harmony. In the final talk of this series, Fr. John Riccardo reflects on our own resurrection and the great appeal of Heaven.

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