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The Gift of Cultural Hurricanes: Tools to Rebuild Authentic Spirituality


Today’s cultural hurricane of smartphones and social media has transformed the landscape of human connections. With Dr. Hogan’s book, you will begin to renovate your life for a healthy and authentic spirituality. Becoming familiar with the tools identified in this book will help you to see the gift of cultural hurricanes.

Excerpts from the Introduction of the book:

“Today we are living through a cultural hurricane that is transforming the landscape of human connection. We can define a cultural hurricane as a major cultural shift that significantly transforms the way in which human beings make and maintain connections. Our cultural hurricane today is a massive force of technological changes due to smartphone devices and social media. Today’s cultural hurricane is significantly impacting our physiology, relationships, and spirituality.”

“As a parent, teacher, or leader, you have an historically unprecedented opportunity to recover from the rapid winds of this cultural hurricane. You can restore positive meaning to broken connections. And you can reclaim your capacity for an authentic Christ-centered faith. Each of us can reawaken to God’s presence and reconnect with one another in vibrant, faith-filled communities. Odds are good that you are someone who sees this exciting journey ahead. That is why you have this resource in your hand.”

Dr. Hogan’s book includes a wealth of best-practice journal exercises for individuals, couples, families, and small faith communities  After reading Dr. Hogan’s book, you will learn how the following can help you rebuild an authentic spirituality:

  • Brain science
  • Cooperative creation
  • Digital fasting
  • Embodied spirituality
  • Emotional priming
  • Empathic listening
  • Gratitude
  • Inner genius
  • Inner darkness
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Negativity bias
  • Perspective of positivity
  • Present moment
  • Protected Scheduled Time
  • Sacred reality of the Eucharist
  • Seasons of suffering
  • Self-awareness
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